Vessel Types : Cable-Laying (2)

The most important cable handling equipment aboard "The Cable Innovator" is the electrically operated cable laying drum with various tension devices. The drum diameter is 4m long and has fixed-angle fleeting rings and blades for controlling the cable work. It is equipped with a special A-frame for handling the plough used for cable burial in the seabed.

Furthermore, "The Cable Innovator" is equipped with an echo sounder and devices for measuring the length of the cable laid out. While laying cables, all main data are monitored, logged and printed out as a quality control.

The control system can also dispaly all data accounting for the tension of the plough tow cable when the vessel operates and can activate the alarm in case the cable tension gets too high. The vessel automatically reduces the speed.

When buried safely beneath the sea bed, the fibre optic communication cables constitute a vital part of our global telecommunication network.

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