Radio Communication - Important Expressions

In ordinary English we use expressions like:
The fairway is 23 metres deep. The mast is 9 metres high.
In radio communication we use the following expressions:
First a noun denoting quantity or unit of measurement and after that the numbers.
For example:
Depth Fairway depth is: 6m. (six metres)
Distance Distance to scene of accident is 120 [one-two-zero] miles. (120 nautical miles)
Draught My draught forward is: 7.2 [seven decimal two] metres.
Height Height of seas in the area is three metres… (3m)
Speed My speed is 15 [one-five] knots. (15 knots)
Temperature Temperature is 23 [two-three] degrees Celsius. (23°)
Tonnage DWT/deadweight tonnes
NRT/net tonnes
GRT/gross tonnes
My tonnage is 30,000 [three-zero-thousand] gross tonnes.
(30,000 tonnes)
VHF frequency
Ohima Maru, this is Bravery. Change to VHF channel 72 [seven-two]. Over. (VHF 72)
Visibility to one mile
Visibility at Helsinki Lighthouse is 500 [five–zero-zero] metres.
Visibility over one mile
Visibility is 1.5 [one-decimal-five] miles. (1.5 nautical miles)
Weight kilograms/kilograms
tonnes/metric tonnes
Wind speed
Wind is Force 10 [one-zero]. (Indicating the Beaufort scale)
Wind is 23m/s [two-three metres per second].
Wind is 18 [one-eight] knots.

Time UTC/universal time coordinated
local time
Time is given in UTC at sea, before entry to a port, harbour or other terminal facility.
Time is given as local time inside a port, harbour or other terminal facility.
Time: 1500 [one-five-zero-zero] UTC.
Notice how coast radio stations give date and time at the end of messages:
Pan-Pan Pan-Pan Pan-Pan.
This is Scheveningen Radio, Scheveningen Radio, Scheveningen Radio.
Following received from DIANA 5 call sign PDQE.
Message reads: Engine troubler in position 3 miles north of Northhinder lightvessel... Need
immediate tug assistance.
Date and time: 010138 UTC Scheveningen Radio.
01 = date: first day of the month
0138 = time: one thirty eight a.m. (in the morning)

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