Pirates attack 2

If the first movie with pirates was a real situation look at this :

Pirates attack

I am so proud of this movie and you will see why. Panic and fear in the souls of sailors from the vessel is very high and they fight against pirates and defeat them. All respect for them. I want to say that the only weapons on the ship are water cannons.

Mixing type paint (precautions)

After pouring hardener, the paint in use should be completely used. When the available life is past, the paint may harden inside the pot or it may clog the nozzle or hose. Even during a rest, the paint should be used so that no residuel paint is leftover; brushes and rollers should be washed roughly in thinner and then dipped in it. No problem is expected at any temperature if painting is carried out with one hour.

Never mix excessive thinner ( for undercoat within 10%; for top coat within 5%).

There are cases where no reaction takes place when the mixing ratio is innapropriate or the paint is insufficiently stirred. Use a special paint agitator. If a wood strip is used, without any other means, stir the paint sufficiently in the 4 corners and to blend upper and lower layers.

Carefully wash brushes and rollers in thinner up to the interior, or they cannot be used again. After being washed thoroughly, they may be dipped in thinner, fresh water or dried in the shade.

Any surface which is damp with moisture or contains salt content should not ahave paint applied to it, otherwise it will peel off, especially in the case conventional paints. Synthetic Resin paints are a little less affected.

In the case of airless spray painting, a dry film thickness of 300 to 400 microns is generally obtained. A thickness of about 100 microns can be obtained by brush painting. When painting by brush after scalling, it is necessary to aply several coats.

When this type of paint is applied over a synthetic resin paint coat, the undercoat may be dissolved. However, if the undercoat is more than 3 months old, there is no such possibility

This type of paint should never be used bby adding thinner after the available life is over.

When applying primers a few times, their color should be varied every time to eliminate the possibility of inadvertenly leaving out places unpainted.

Big Wave

Here are 2 films with big waves that I was impressed:

More about waves ... here

I found an e-book. It contains pretty much everything a sailor should know, for those interested can download using the links below.