Vessel Types : Bulk carriers

In the next period I will write about vessel types. So I begin today with the bulk carries.
Bulk carriers, or just bulkers, are ships especially designed to carry loose goods in bulk. The cargo transported in bulk commonly includes wood, coal, ore, grain, coke, fertilisers, cement, light materials, sugar and sand. Bulkers usually have one deck, with engine room in the stern and a deckhouse above it.

Holds are constructed with longitudinal and cross walls, called bulkheads. Cargo in bulk is easily stowed in between them. Bulk cargo ships are not equipped with any handling gear, except for handy size ones, up to 30,000 tond of deadweight. All loading and unloading is done by means of shore devices like grabs or suction pippes. Some of them make use of flexible ductings and fans, which simply blow light cargo into holds. Port devices may include special conveyors that drop cargo inside. When on hold is full, loading si continued into the next one.

Bulk carriers have large upper and lower ballast tanks to provide enough draught. Some bulk carriers are designed to funtion also as tankers. Such vessels are called Ore Bulk Oil carriers.

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