MarEng - The best learning tool

MarEng is the best learning tool, still free available for maritime industry. MarEng is a transnational project that aims to promote the maritime English language competences of those working in the various maritime professions in Europe. From their site you cand dowmload the program by chapters or full even if it's bigger. There are some chapters for you like a little presentation:

  1. In Port
    • Port Operations, Cargo Handling
    • Shipping and Maritime Management
  2. The Ship and Its Crew
    • Types of Ships
    • Navigation Bridge, Bridge Instruments
    • Engine Room
    • Cargo Space
  3. Leaving Port
    • Port State Control
  4. In the Fairway
    • Navigation, Seamarks, Lights
    • Lighthouses
    • VTS
  5. On the Watch - A Working Day on Board
  6. A Storm - Mayday, Mayday
    • Radio Communication
    • Weather Reports, Navtex
  7. An Accident on Board
    • Radio Medical
    • Search and Rescue
    • Helicopter Rescue
  8. Trespassing - An Encounter with the Coast Guard
    • Security Issues
  9. Approaching the Port of Destination
    • Ice Navigation
    • VTS
    • Pilotage

Here are some pictures with the program:

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