Weather - Waves - The Douglas Sea Scale

The Douglas Sea Scale is a scale which measures the swell of the sea and the height of the waves:

  • Degree 0—no measurable wave height calm sea
  • Degree 1—waves >10 cm. rippled sea
  • Degree 2—waves 10–50 cm. smooth sea
  • Degree 3—waves 0.5–1.25 m. slight sea
  • Degree 4—waves 1.25–2.5 m. moderate sea
  • Degree 5—waves 2.5–4 m. rough sea
  • Degree 6—waves 4–6 m. very rough sea
  • Degree 7—waves 6–9 m. high sea
  • Degree 8—waves 9–14 m. very high sea
  • Degree 9—waves >14 m. phenomenal sea

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