Helicopter Rescue

Example of request helicopter by radiotelephone and sends the following urgency message on channel 14:

Pan-Pan, Pan-Pan, Pan-Pan.
Rescue centre Helsinki.
This is (name of vessel), (name of vessel), (name of vessel).
Mike Whiskey Yankee Alpha 3
Position: Latitude 59 40' North
Longitude: 024 00" East
One crew member badly injured.
REQUEST: Immediate helicopter assistance for transportation to hospital.

The answer could be:

Pan-Pan, (name of vessel).
This is Rescue Centre Helsinki
Pan-Pan received.

(name of vessel).
Rescue Centre Helsinki.
We are coming to your assistance.
We are sending a helicopter and doctor.
Helicopter ETA is 30 minutes.

When helicopter aproach:

(name of vessel)
This is helicopter pilot.
We are now 2 miles from your position.
Mantain a course 245 that will keep wind 30 on port bow. We will first lower the guide rope
Then a stretcher in order to pick up the patient.

This is (name of vessel).
I will keep wind 30 on port bow.
Landing party ready to receive you.

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