Survival in an EMERGENCY

Every crew member has their own specific duties, and when the alarm goes everyoane immediately rushes to their station to carry out their tasks. All the rescu equipment on board has to fulfil the rules and regulations given in the SOLAS , The Convention for Safety of Life at Sea.
Evacuation and roll call:

- Evacuate all decks, rooms and space and report!
- All rooms, deck and spaces evacuated.

- Assembly station 1. This is Bridge. Report on number of crew at assembly station!
- Bridge. This is Assembly station 1. Number of crew members at station is not yet complete.

- Assembly station 1. This is Bridge. Search for missing crew member and report!
- Bridge. Assembly station 1. Missed crew member recovered.

Abandoning Vessel

- Lifeboatmen! Chech the outfit of crew members at assembly stations and report!
- Outfit of crew is complete.

- Put on warm clothing - long trousers, head covering and report. Crew! Follow the lifeboatmen to the lifeboat stations and life-raft stations on the embarkation deck.
- Swing out number 1 and 2 lifeboats and report.
- Number 1 and 2 lifeboats swung out.

- Lower number 1 and 2 lifeboats alongside the embarkation deck. Enter the lifeboats via the deck. Hold on to your seats while launching.

- Throw overboard life-raft and report!
- Life-raft thrown overboard.

- Enter the life-rafts via the slides, ladder, nets and manropes. Jump onto the life-raft alongside the vessel. Clear the entranceof the life-raft. Jump into the water and enter the life-rafts. Assist helpless people. Sit down in the life-rafts immediately.

- Report on number of injured persons!
- No persons unjured

- Let go sea anchor and report!
- Sea achor is let go.

- Fire rockets for identification

- Connect the life-boats and rafts with lines and report!
- Life-rafts and lifeboats connected

Excuse the people from this picture but they are just training :D I also tried this method and it's very hard to go up in the raft.

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